Careers In The Aviation Industry

The profession of a licensed aircraft engineer (LAE) is someone who takes responsibility to ensure that the airworthiness of an aircraft is up to a certain standard. In Malaysia and all countries worldwide, there are a different set of regulations that an engineer must follow. At the same time, the skills which are required of an aircraft engineer, are in the majority of cases very much the same. An aircraft engineer will have to have the ability to effectively communicate with others, since sometimes lengthy explanations are a large part of this job position.

All commercial passenger aircraft by international law must have a valid Certificate of Airworthiness. To ensure passing an inspection, all aircraft must have a high degree of maintenance and the also on a regular basis according to manufacturer guidelines. This type of maintenance is professionally conducted by an aircraft engineer.

Direct Responsibility

In addition, such engineers must look after and take care of any problems that have been noted and listed by a pilot or crew member. Audits are frequently conducted by local aviation authority personnel. Any errors which are found during these inspections or audits are then the direct responsibility of an aircraft maintenance engineer. In addition to the necessary skills, aircraft engineers must also be able to think quickly, and analytically at all times.

Requirements and Knowledge of Regulations

While education requirements differ from country to country, most engineers must complete a certified training program. This type of program will last for a long number of months, and includes all the training necessary to become an aircraft engineer. Plus, on-the-job training requirements will have to be displayed and shown to be satisfactory. Anybody who is going to apply for an aviation job in Malaysia must be able to have the requirements and knowledge when seeking such a career.

Aircraft engineers must fully comprehend all aspects of Malaysian aviation regulations. Following all schooling and training, an aircraft engineer will be given a License without Type Rating (L.W.T.R). In order to gain certified or “type” training, an engineer will then have to complete additional training.

Entering Other Fields

Occasionally, an aircraft engineer will be able to gain a more prominent position. When an engineer has spent many years working within a specified field, it is possible to enter other specialized fields such as quality assurance and maintenance planning. These duties required by engineers can be extensive and not only are these professionals responsible for the safety of aircraft, they will also be held responsible for any legal troubles that might arise due to faulty aircraft. And as you can imagine, this job can be a highly stressful one which necessitates a large degree of training.

Your Career is Out There

If you already have the necessary skills and requirements, then make sure to contact the right people who specialise in getting you into a position that really and perfectly suits you! May your future career and flights go as smooth as silk!